Pluvia Services

A Pluvia is Forever


One of the most important features of PLUVIA brand is the quality of technical service after sales. All the products. All products are designed to ensure the fastest, easiest realization of product assembly through quality control stages within the company. Thanks to modular design, it is so easy to install the machines. Our difference as PLUVIA brand is that we have adopted the principle of providing the fastest and highest quality service to our customers with our expert technical team. We have the characteristic of being a privileged company to meet the needs of our customers after sales with our expert engineers and technical staff. In addition to developing our knowledge and experience of different services by providing successful services, we continue our investments in the sector by enabling innovations and following the innovations. PLUVIA’s service concept and quality are not only in discourse but also in its applications including spare parts support, material supply, after-sales technical consultancy and the necessary services and assurance for customers; one-to-one satisfaction. The most important goal of the technical team of PLUVIA, which is an expert in all kinds of hardware and spare parts, is to maintain the service and maintenance, repair services approved by the Turkish Standards Institute in order to ensure unlimited customer satisfaction.

Maintanence & Repair

PLUVIA puts into practice the principles of product quality; product spare parts support and after-sales service continuity by considering the expectations and targets of its customers and other stakeholders. As tachyon MAKİNE, which is based on continuous development, energy efficiency and innovation approaches, our main priority is to offer our customers' after sales technical training, spare parts supply and technical service as soon as possible and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Acting on the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, Tachyon Machinery has adopted the utmost care to the principles of reliability, confidentiality and integrity in order to prevent possible customer dissatisfaction by analysing the demands and expectations of customers and to be fair and transparent in all relations.


As Tachyon Company, we carry out our domestic and international shipments in the most reliable, fast and insured manner incooperation with the specialized transportation companies.




BS, Marine Engineering

Mr.Özlü was born in Konya. He has graduated from Konya Gazi Colleague, and İstanbul Technical University, the department of ship machinery business engineering. He had duties on various vessels of the Turkish Marine Trade fleet for many years. Throughout his career, Mr.Erkan has held chief engineering positions in the Marmara Group of Companies and in Finland, Wartsila company which is the power supply manufacturer for the marine and energy market . He works for Tachyon since 2015. He specially works on energy efficiency and energy recycling systems.



BS, Electric-Electronic Engineering

He was born in Silistre, Bulgaria in 1982. He has graduated from Çorlu Mehmet Rüştü Uzel Endustri meslek Colleague and Mustafa Kemal University, the department of electric electronic engineering. He has worked at the automation and software department of textile machines sector since 2008. He has worked on software of PLUVIA fabric washing machines since 2016.



Services after sale/Technologist

Mr.Ozan was born in 1992, Çorlu. He has graduated from Çorlu Mehmet Rüştü Uzel Industry Colleague. He has worked for Tachyon as technologist since 2017.



Services after sale/Setter

Mr.Özbey was born in 1992, Çorlu. He has graduated from Çorlu Mehmet Rüştü Uzel Industry Colleague in 2010. He has worked for Tachyon as a member of the department of services after sales/setter since 2018.