Who We Are

In 2000, a team of 4 engineer colleagues came together to serve textile industry with energy efficiency studies and energy recovery systems. Energy and water consumption in textile mills, is the biggest cost issue, as well as being a global problem which have the most negative impact on the environment.

Acting on the principle of contributing to sustainable growth through energy efficiency, this formation has taken on the mission that it should have social and environmental targets beyond the objective of reducing the costs of the sector. They thought that, this goal could be easily implemented and spread worldwide, by being in directly in production processes, by designing and producing efficient machinery which are consuming less energy and water.

Having this background, in 2013 they have founded TACHYON, meaning a theoretical particle faster than light and created PLUVIA brand which means waterfall. They have started studies as an R & D company for textile finishing machinery and achieved to produce textile finishing machines with the least water and energy consumption values ​​so far.

In addition to 20 years of experience focusing on energy efficiency, with the expert technical marketing, production, service and after-sales support team, they continued to serve the market with the vision of "Having place in the memories as a world brand, producing the world's least energy and water consuming machinery”. Together with the intensive efforts that started in 2013, PLUVIA has contributed to a sustainable environment by producing CE certified, SIMPLE, SMART and EFFICIENT machines. Tachyon carries out her activities in Turkey with a modernized factory in Çorlu and a sales and marketing office located in Istanbul.

In 2016, TACHYON has acquired an important place for the global market by investing in her international sales and marketing activities and has established its distributorships in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam and South America regions.

TACHYON, aims to continue to maintain her presence by designing and producing smart machines for textile industry, together with valuable global partners.





BS, Petrol Engineering of Istanbul Technical University, 30 years experiences in textile sector.

Mr.Birben was born in Ankara, in 1962.He has graduated from Ankara Atatürk Anadolu Colleague and İstanbul Technical University, The Faculty of Mine, the department of Petrol Engineering. He has a master degree of The Management of Production at Istanbul University.He worked as an engineer at the Regional Directorate of Batman of TPAO in Batman in 1986-1988.He has successful works in textile machine sector since 1988. Mr. Birben is married, and has four children. He is also the owner of Beneks Textile Machine Company.




BS, Marine Engineering İstanbul Technical University, 15 years experiences in textile.

Mr.Serttaş was born in İstanbul, in 1978. He has graduated from Tuzla Technic Colleague, and İstanbul Technical University, the department of Marine engineering. Zafer Serttaş after 5 years of duty on various vessels of the Turkish Marine Trade fleet, he completed his career in marine sector, he has successful works in textile machine sector for 15 years. He founded Tachyon Machinery with Mr.Hüseyin Birben in 2013, and played an active role in laying the foundation of Pluvia brand. Mr. Serttaş is married and has a daughter.

Murat Agagündüz

Mr. Murat Agagündüz


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 20 years experiences in various sectors.

Mr.Agagündüz was born in Ankara, in 1968.He has graduated from Ankara Atatürk Anadolu Colleague and The Middle East Technical University, the department of machine Engineering. He started his career in 1992 and worked for corporate companies such as Anadolu Motor, Arkan Group-Arfesan through his career. He is also co-founder of A Energy company which he established with Mr. Umit Tuncer in 2009. He is General Manager of Tachyon machinery since 2013. He is married and, has a son.

Ümit Tuncer



BS, Marine Engineering, İstanbul Technical University, 25 years experience of 10 years experience in marine chief engineer,15 years’ experience in textile ındustry.

Mr.Tuncer was born in Corlu-Tekirdag. He has graduated from Macka Technical Colleague, and İstanbul Technical University, the department of Marin engineering. He had duties on various vessels of the Turkish Marine Trade fleet for many years. After his career at marine sector, he worked as a consult in energy sector and worked in production of machines. He works as too manager at Tachyon. He is married, and has a son.